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SPSS 64 Bit

SPSS statistical tool to best manage data and survey your statistics.

Note: This is the 64-bit SPSS. If you are looking for a 32-bit version, or do not know which version you want, Download it here.

This application provides complete control of your super. Allow the photos and illustrations complex statistics and the stable professionals needed to solve business and research.
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For this Freeport, SPSS offers a wideRange of analytical time pain when data.

SPSS offers the option to study detailed analysis of data and local trends that may not be detected. You can test hundreds of different variations about your data so that See how many changes or actions under the circumstances differ, while applications include special number features that allow you to benefit from your information.

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These features include great options for sharingA automatic, the ability to run PASW Statistics Base servers and modules on IBM mainframe servers, a editor syntax, Microsoft Office integration and more . To have a good idea of ​​work and features, Take a look here.

Mr. Xiao said, we should not forget power. SPSS download is quite large and whenYou install the program, learning extremely steep until you find your feet. It may argue that SPPS is a glorious version of Excel, but with more options and lots of power behind it, a wonderful beast. Therefore, users may be the first threat and it is better to start with the application management data much easier.

If you are serious about statistics, SPSS is following you.

SPSSSupports the following formats

SAV, SPO, SPV, txt, XLS, XLXS, SYS, such as, W, SLK, DBF, DTA, SD7, DOC, PDF, PPT