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Fernbus Simulator 2016

This is the first simulation of the very popular German Autobahn Intercity competition. If Flixbus cooperation leads free show, Roman Fernbus will be youngest in a daily driver details of the German highway / highway when it is in 40 cities.
Angry Birds Rio Demo 2 Fernbus is a novel used, you can experience the life you live according to a man of the lions driving him day and a great modern aliquam / bus.

What we need,

FereEt about 40 km FlixBusSymulowano network theGerman cities. With each country there is a long time 1: 10 speed class. You can navigate for a variety of more than 40 cities in the country in constant control of the bus / bus at the bus station on the road and highway network is ugly. Accidents, traffic jams and construction sites to question the role of the bus driver if you want to keep the schedule.


BusesQuis original features are found in the cockpits they are organized and equipped withAll its facets, both the internal and the external of the bus are modeled on the smallest details. Fernbus Roman offers a realistic atmosphere with original contributions and travelers. Line tested, and that the teacher and the bus driver.

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Stay behind the wheel

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Many give you an obstacle?

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