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Evernote is one of the most popular applications of note prepared combining broad functionality with productivity tools to take notes higher. However, for most users the full feature set and the Evernote Sticky Notes from the same stable set to meet the requirements without doing anything easier too complicated or hungry sources.

Evernote Notes Notes Sticky Notes

This app enables important notes to the user’s desktop as they are always visible. EachThe note can be different color custom which allows it easyHar to distinguish different records of importance or urgency categories. All notes are automatically backed up to the Dropbox user’s Evernote account or Google Drive or which are not only securely stored, but they are easily accessible from any device. Keyboard shortcuts make adding or editing individual notes easily.
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Sticky Notes Who Is It?

Although Evernotecais is one of the applicationsThe most common is that the richness of its features is meaningful to most users, it is too highFor easy notes take on tasks. Evernote Sticky Notes is an easier approach to compiling important notes and while it does not have any features beyond their basic function to meet their goals well without using too much resources.



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Tuxler is a simple app installed independently of the browser and allows you to immediately change your IP address in the other country. Tuxler is for those who want to protect their privacy, but it will be used on websites that are blocked in your country,

Tuxler first runs an installer who takes a while. However, once installed, it adds a shortcut to your desktop and appears in the Dock.
Once it’s running, your current IP address Anund shows a listComposed of proxies in other countries, you can change atany time by clicking the big switch “Switch IP” in the top right corner.

So far so good, except that many of the proxies do not work in Tuxler or are available only if you upgrade. And even if you manage to connect, are you limit 10 MB data transfer, which means that something like the BBC iPlayer outside the United Kingdom or Hulu outside of the US is almost impossible with Tuxler.

However, if you want to go for freeUse Tuxler version to protect your identity, it is enough. We tested subjects in the Netherlandsand Saudi Arabia, and the Google homepage has been modified accordingly, as we reload, so it works. Note that, as with all proxies, surfing can sometimes be awkwardly slow.

Tuxler works with any browser, although the lack of working proxies and 10 MB in the free version, means that it can be frustrating a bit.